Monday, January 2, 2012

Part Three: At Home Christmas Day

Well, I said Audrie could not get a cell phone until she got her first car. Grammy and Pop Pop provided the car, so we got her a cell phone....Fisher Price version.

Christmas Eve night Michael and I read Twas the Night Before Christmas to Audrie, and Grammy and Pop Pop told her the story of baby Jesus. Then, sweet dreams Audrie!

Santa wrapped our presents and left them under the tree for Audrie


After all the unwrapping is done....Audrie must have been very good this year :)

We had a our traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls.

You can't really tell from this picture, but Audrie really liked them.

We had fun the rest of the day playing with Audrie:) It was a very Merry Christmas. I have to was also very nice to have my own momma and Benny there to share with us this year :)

Happy New Year to everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas-Part Two: Extended Family

We started bright and early Saturday morning the weekend before Christmas and headed to Byhalia, MS to go to my brother's house. We hung out and of course opened presents.

Audrie with her Aunt Sissy and Preston

Opening presents...

That night, after everyone was winding down, we had dinner. Amanda fixed a fabulous chicken tortilla soup :) YUM!

Grammy and PopPop playing with the grandkids.

My little Miss Personality

That night we all sat down to watch the movie, Up. Very cute movie....I slept through the whole thing. This is no surprise. When I get still, it is lights out!

Sunday morning, we drove to Popa Q's and Ninabelle's house for breakfast and more presents.
Audrie with her Popa Q

This is best pic we could get....get 3 small ones still for a picture = Mission Impossible.

Kate and Ninabelle

Then...onto the Tally Christmas..(my mom's side) for lunch
The orignals: Uncle Jeff, Aunt Hilda, Mom, and Jen

Our little family twig.

The great-grands...minus 2 Ratliff boys

Our tree branch...

Even more presents..

Little Miss Diva :)

Next, we headed to Tremont for the Cantrell get-together (my dad's side) for dinner

Yes, more presents.

How do you know you have found you a good man? When he will (without complaining) hold a pink baby doll for his daughter. I love the picture.

Finally, we drove home. Very, very, very tired. But, it was a fun pack family time!

A few days later, we loaded up and headed to Terry, MS for the Case side. (Michael's parents)
If you can believe it.... more presents.
Audrie got her first sofa chair and rocking horse among other things....

We had a good night with my in-laws visiting, eating, and opening :)

Our Christmas-Part One:Parties

Audrie had her first daycare/school Christmas party at Sliver Spoon. Of course I had her dressed and ready in party clothes:Hot pink lolly-pop onesie with black leggings and a silver tu-tu. Parents were invited, so I slipped out a little early from work to make it. I was so happy to get to go! But, unfortunately I was the ONLY parent that showed up. I didn't care. I enjoyed every minute of watcingh Audrie cram her face with food. hahaha! Plus, I got to take her home early :)

That night we loaded up and headed to Michael's work Christmas party held at Brandon City Hall. And....Santa Claus came to see all the children!
You have to look pretty close to tell, but this picture is taken right before Audrie started screaming. She is not too big on strangers holding her right now. Needless to say, 1. she is scared of Santa 2. another year with no cute Santa picture. Maybe next year!

John Franklin will be here SOON!

Early December, Audrie and I went to a baby shower for Amy Grace and John Franklin at The Mint in Renaissance. I am so happy for Amy and J.D.! They are going to make wonderful parents to John Franklin.

Me with the Momma-To-Be
due date: January 30, 2012

The Spread-I didn't get to eat any of it, because I was watching Audrie. But, it sure looked tasty!

Opening presents....of course, Amy Grace's present came in the day AFTER her shower. No worries, I did not go empty handed, and I got her the gift...just a little later.
Audrie playing on the floor....

Afterwards, we met up with Emmylou and her boyfriend, Jason, for a quick chat at Sweet Peppers. I love to have fun little run-ins! All-in-all a very fun Sunday!

2011 Christmas Photo Shoot

I have to brag on my little girl. She did great during her Christmas photo session! It only took about 10 minutes. She just rocked it out this year. This is probably due to her daddy dancing around like a monkey behind me, but you gotta do what works!